JointJS+ SwimlaneBoundary

You may see the name Rappid in our documentation, code and other materials. Rappid has been replaced by a new brand, JointJS+. This change has no effect on functionality. To avoid confusion, please consider Rappid and JointJS+ as synonyms. Read more here.


The SwimlaneBoundary element tool renders a rectangular border to show the bounding box of a bpmn2.Pool and bpmn2.HeaderedPool pool lane. It accepts the following arguments which can be passed as an object to the element tool constructor:

laneId string Specifies the lane group for which the tool should be rendered.
padding number|object Determines whether the boundary area should be visually inflated and if so, by how much. Default is 10 ({ left: 10, top: 10, right: 10, bottom: 10 }).


const boundaryTool = new joint.elementTools.SwimlaneBoundary({
    laneId: 'customLaneId',
    padding: 20