🎉 JointJS has new documentation! 🥳

JointJS+ ui


JointJS+ now comes with a variety of themes ("material", "modern", "dark", and the default theme). It is possible to set the theme globally (applied to all UI components) and to set a different theme for each UI component individually.

Setting the theme globally:


This will update the theme for all the components currently rendered, as well as for any components that are rendered from now on.

Setting the theme for an individual component:

var colorPalette = new joint.ui.ColorPalette({
    theme: 'material',
    options: [
        { content: '#90C3D4' },
        { content: '#D4A190' },
        { content: '#A1D490' },
        { content: '#ffffff' }

And to change the theme of a component that has already been rendered:


Here you can view all the JointJS+ UI plugins for every theme (you can also open it in a separate window) :